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Cookies are small files containing data sent by a website to store in user’s browser. Cookies are widely used on the web for storing information and providing a personalized browsing experience to users. Some common uses of cookies are:

  • Remember a user’s login credentials
  • Remember information like the items a user saw on a website, items they added to cart, name or email address they used on the website, etc.
  • Some larger websites use cookies to track users on their network of websites
  • Advertisers may use cookies to learn about user’s browsing behaviors

By default, WordPress generates two types of cookies.

  • Session cookies
  • Comments cookies

Session cookies are set when a user logs in to a WordPress site. Login cookies in WordPress expire in 15 days.

When a user leaves a comment on a WordPress site, WordPress automatically sets a cookie containing user’s name, email address, and URL. This cookie allows WordPress to automatically fill username, email, and URL fields on the user’s subsequent visits. The comment cookie expires in one year.

How WordPress Plugins use Cookies

WordPress plugins may use the information stored in the default cookies to provide personalization features. Plugins may also store their own cookies.